Green Doctors London

For over 15 years Groundwork London has been helping Londoners stay warm & well & save money on their household bills through its Green Doctors programme. In 2019 over 3,300 households were visited by the Green Doctors, and the entire workflow of each visited client – from enquiry, through booking and visit, to reporting -  were recorded and managed in a designed Zoho Creator application created by Groundwork GDS. 

An early challenge in development was to design an architecture of forms or tables, which would collect the enquiry, booking and visit data, and establish relationships between them. Zoho Creator allowed to build this with ease, and enabled unique records for schemes, projects, green doctors, engagements, enquiries and visits to be created without unnecessary duplication, and to be collated in a master table from which monitoring and management reports could be fed. 

Zoho Creator also enables fully customizable forms, so that every aspect of the Green Doctor project could be managed within the applicationUsing a dedicated script (deluge), bespoke functions, and schedules, these forms and tables came together into a seamless workflow. Capturing enquiry data from residents and referees, feeding this to Groundwork staff who engage with residents and book visits, and finally through to green doctors who take the residents through a custom, project-specific form which captures everything from the energy savings calculations, advice given and its feedback, and energy saving devices installed. 

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